Vriemex plays a central role between the grower and the customer. We buy and sell carrots and export to countries in Scandinavia, Central and East Europe. Our customers are mainly wholesalers, suppliers of retail and the food processor industry. We mainly trade Nerac Class 1, known as a carrot with a uniform appearance, multiple purposes and therefore the number 1 all-rounder suitable for the fresh market and has long storage capabilities.


We offer additional services such as temprature controlled storage, washing, polishing, grading and repacking. More information about us can be found below or contact us.


Company Information:


We take pride in being a family business where quality, food safety and sustainability is our main objective. 


The company is located 45 min north east of Amsterdam in the hearth of the largest agricultural area of the Netherlands. Reinder de Vries founded the company in the late 70’s. He started Koel en Vries bedrijf De Vries, a tempratured controlled storage facility for local agricultural products. When in the early 90’s a devastating fire destroyed the complex, a new 10.000 sq mt facility was rebuilt according to the latest technology. The new facility also includes 5.000 sq mt flexible freezing capacity and temperature controlled loading docks.

Reinder’s son, Marco, took over mid 2000. Marco further expanded the family business and specialized in trade, wash, brush, polish, repack and distribute quality carrots under the name of Vriemex.

Today, the warehousing and trade are two individual entities but work in perfect harmony under one roof. Together with 15-20 enthusiastic team members we ensure quality, personalized service and on-time delivery.





The carrot is a very popular vegetable which you will find in many different forms; babyfood, snack, a healthy drink or just cooked, steamed or raw. The carrot gets it bright orange colour from beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to Vitamin A in the body, which promotes good vision and is very important for growth, development and immune function.


Being located in the hearth of the best soil in The Netherlands you are expected to receive the best quality, year round. We enter into long-term relationships with our local growers who understand that everything you put in the soil has a huge influence on what you ultimately get out.  We only work with growers who follow the Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) guidelines, an international accredited organisation.


We can deliver your fresh washed and polished carrots in various (tailor-made) packaging solutions such as bulk, crates (m3), bigbags (1000kg) or in smaller rashel or plastic bags of 10kg.




The quality of our carrots is our greatest concern. Vriemex and Koel en Vries bedrijf De Vries complies with all required HACCP regulations to guarantee the high standards of food safety. We closely monitor and register the quality of fresh harvested carrots and continue to do so throughout the process of washing, packing and delivery.



Next to the regular carrots, we also store, trade, wash and pack Organic carrots. The carrots are produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Our facility is SKAL approved and therefore all our Organic carrots will have a certified logo, which means the grower and packer have been checked and audited to make sure the food production complies with Dutch standards. Since Organic is legally protected, the European government determines the rules, SKAL (the only organic control body in The Netherlands assigned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs), monitor the entire organic chain.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or requests.


Vriemex B.V.

Sluitgatweg 4
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The Netherlands


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